LSD conversion set (188mm – E46, E90, E91, E92)


In the contemporary world of sports car development and vehicles with higher power, the Limited Slip Differential is a rarity considering the small number of factories installing them in their models.

There is a market which exists for LSD Differentials (OS Giken, Kaaz, and Drexler) but the prices range from $1,000 up to $2,500. Many clients cannot and do not want to pay such price regardless of their wish to have a LSD Differential. This produces a vacuum in the market which needs to be filled by a product available to those with lower budgets.

Racing diffs offers products which are possible to install in any factory differential converting it into LSD. Sets for conversion we install in the space between planetary gears where the friction of material achieves restriction in different drive wheels performance. Between the gear wheel and the set for conversion friction washers are placed which reduce wear and tear of materials and prevent the formation of chips prolonging significantly the lifetime in comparison with known products on the market.

The tube that aligns the axle of the small planetary gears is made at a precisely determined angle providing percentage of locking scales up when you hit the gas and vice versa. Such systems are extremely convenient for every day driving since they do not allow any sudden and unpredictable responses of the car to change the driving pace.

The minimum percent of locking or preload is provided by the most quality springs of high weight placed between two plates of the set for conversion. This is important for driving in winter time conditions when the friction between wheels and the road surface is low.

In manufacturing we use only the best quality heat-treated tool steel under the protection of argon (inert gas) allowing high grade of material hardness and toughness without changing the dimensions during the thermal treatment.

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